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Welcome To My Website

I hope you will find some of my articles useful, ocasionally when the mood strikes me I like to make tutorials and write about some problems I have solved/trouble shooted. Any and all information I publish is provided as is and is intended for educational purposes only.

Some Background

Having a passion for all things computers I have worked, studied and played in several different roles these include:

  • Senior Computer Technician
  • Website Design & Development
  • Webmaster
  • Game Servers Administrator
  • Programming
  • Network and Systems Administration 
  • Graphic Design

ATX (v2.2) Power Supply Voltage Tolerances

Todays article is about power supplies and their voltages, when troubleshooting hardware faults often the practice in small time operations is simply a trial and error type of fault finding. This is usually done by removing components untill the problem vanishes and by swapping out critical components like the power supply, however if your serious about fixing computers to be profitable you cant really waste too much time on this kind of methodology.


Secure Your User's Input

Some of you may or may not be aware that every time you have some "form"(pun intended) of user submitted data your website may be at risk of attack. Some common attacks include SQL Injection and XSS (Cross Server Scripting). But fear not there are ways to validate the information submitted in your forms.

As a web developer I mainly work with open source technologies and this example will be no different focused around PHP. 

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